“Love is born of mystery, and our cats are mysterious and loved in equal measure. But sometimes the greatest blessing of all is a bit of light thrown into a dark place. Mieshelle Nagelschneider holds that light. Allow her to share it with you.” – Gwen Cooper, Author, Homer’s Odyssey

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The Cat Whisperer Book Excerpt

What if our ancestors survived and evolved according to how well they were able to put themselves into the minds of the animals they relied on for survival?What if those who did so best were our first scientists? Some anthropologists are now proposing just that. Louis Liebenberg, an expert on the tracking techniques of the Kalahari (or San) Bushmen of Africa and an expert tracker himself, suggests that “it is in the art of [animal] tracking that we may find the wellsprings of the scientific quest”—of man applying the scientific method far earlier than previously imagined.


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“Will she be the next TV star animal trainer? She certainly had the right diagnosis for my cat Thompson, a biter.”

Kirsten Weir,


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Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Mieshelle Nagelschneider, ACCBC, is a cat behaviorist and author of the science-based and scholarly cited cat behavior book, The Cat Whisperer more…

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