Chapters on Cat Behavior

Introduction: On Cats and How I Learned to See Through Their Eyes

  • My Animal Family
  • On the Farm
  • Cheshires in the Canyon
  • The Vet Assistant Years
  • The Cat Behaviorist: Filling a Void in Feline Behavior Expertise
  • The Cat Bahavior Clinic
  • What “Good Death”? The Crisis of Feline Euthanasia
  • The Shelter and Abandonment Crisis
  • Why I Wrote This Book

ONE: Mind-Throwing: Inside the Being of the Cat

  • Anthropomorphism and Its Pleasures—and Pitfalls
  • The Anthropomorphic Trap

TWO: Meet Your Cat on His Territory:Using the Three-Part C.A.T. Plan to ChangeYour Cat’s Behavior

  • No Punishment, No Reprimand
  • What Works: Withdraw Your Attention and Even Your Presence
  • You Have the Power to Solve Your Cats’ Behavior Issues
  • The Seven Classes of Behavior Problems in Cats
  • The Elements of an Effective C.A.T. Plan

THREE: Life on the Wild Side—Where Even the Tamest Cats Live

  • Cats: Self-Reliant, Highly Territorial, Champion Survivors
  • Cats Can Make Friends, Too
  • Cats: Forever Wild
  • Taming the Wild: The Socialization Process
  • Territoriality, Conflict, and Social Maturity

FOUR: Cat Etiquette: The Art of Introducing, or Reintroducing, Cats to Each Other

  • Introductions
  • Reintroductions and the Nagelschneider Method
  • First Impressions: Desensitization, Habituation, and Counterconditioning
  • Step 1: Setting the Stage Before Newcat Comes Home: The Safe Room and Pheromones
  • Step 2: Making the First Scent Introduction: The Scent Sock
  • Step 3: Mixing Scents Like a Real Social Facilitator: Allogrooming and Allorubbing
  • Step 4: Creating Confident Explorers: Trading Places
  • Step 5: Making the Visual Introduction—The Art of Smooth Transitions

FIVE: Purrtopia: Transforming Your Cats’ Territory

  • The Mating Instinct: Humane Sterilization Reduces Many Behavioral and Health Problems
  • Real Estate and Resources
  • Dispersal, Time-sharing, and Choice of Paths

SIX: Psychology and Physiology: Does Your Cat Also Have a Medical Issue?

  • Good Veterinary Hygiene
  • Original Medical Causes Versus Habituated Behaviors
  • Better Living Through Chemistry? Don’t (Automatically) Drug That Cat!

SEVEN: Feline Aggression: Accepting and Managing Your Cat’s Inner Wildcat

  • What Not to Do: Punish, Reprimand, or Reach For
  • Understanding Feline Aggression
  • Prevention
  • Types of Feline Aggression
  • C.A.T. Plan for Play and Predatory Aggression
  • Redirected Aggression
  • Management of Redirected Aggression
  • Territorial
  • Fear-Induced Aggression
  • Cat-to-Cat Aggression
  • C.A.T. Plan for Territorial, Fear, and Cat-to-Cat Aggression
  • Petting-Induced Aggression
  • Status-Related Aggression
  • C.A.T.
    Plan for Petting-Induced and Status-Related Aggression

EIGHT: You’ve Got to Elim-i-nate the Negative: Thinking Outside Your Box to Get Cats into Theirs

  • An Unnecessary Tragedy
  • Out-of-the-Box Defecation
  • Have You Ever Been Invited to a Fecal Ball?
  • Maddening Middening, or Just a Stool Away from Home?
  • Out-of-the-Box Urination
  • C.A.T. Plan for Inappropriate Elimination

NINE: “X” Marks the Spot (or Spots)!: Urine Marking

  • Marking for Communication
  • What Cats Communicate When They Spray: Territory Marking, Information Gathering, Relational Pmail, Sexual Advertising, Pick-Me-Ups
  • C.A.T. Plan for Spraying, Other Forms of Urine Marking, and Middening.

TEN: Yowl!—Excessive Meowing

  • C.A.T. Plan for Excessive Meowing

ELEVEN: Destructive and Other Unwanted Behaviors

  • Shredders and Snaggers: Why Cats Claw
  • Declawing—Unnecessary and Inhumane
  • The Story of Charlie Cat
  • Prevention
  • C.A.T. Plan for Unwanted Scratching
  • Counter Crawling and Table Hopping: Why Cats Like High Places
  • C.A.T. Plan for Counter Crawling and Table Hopping

TWELVE: The Compulsive Cat

  • Overgrooming
  • C.A.T. Plan for Overgrooming (Psychogenic Alopecia)
  • Wool Sucking and Wool Chewing
  • Pica
  • C.A.T. Plan for Wool Sucking, Chewing, and Pica
  • Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Cat Behaviorist, Author, Lecturer: Mieshelle Nagelschneider