Nagelschneider is a wizard at demystifying cat behavior and providing easy-to-follow steps for solving vexing problems. I dog-eared (or should I say cat-eared) so many pages for later reference that my book doesn’t want to close. Living with six demanding cats in a small house, I wish I’d had this excellent guide years ago.”

Bob Tarte, Author of Kitty Cornered, Enslaved by Ducks, & Fowl Weather Sacramento Bee

“To understand cats you must understand the difference between our feline friends and ourselves. Mieshelle’s insight into the sociobiology and the behavior of our wildest companion animal in comparison to ourselves sets the framework for an intriquing book about a companion animal that lives in our homes and yet retains the wild instinct of the large felids that so fascinate us.” Jordan Carlton Schaul, PhD — Contributing Editor, National Geographic Society and Curator, Orange County Zoo

“I wish I read The Cat Whisperer book before I started filming Must Love Cats. The cats would have liked me a lot more.” From John Fulton – Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats

Actual client testimonial:  “OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a cat that never defecated in the litter box. In fact he was my daughter’s cat and she couldn’t handle it any more, so she gave him to me.

Tried everything – – multiple boxes, etc. No health issues. However, he always cried when he did his business. A friend recommended your book.

It arrived last Thursday. I immediately read all of the sections about defecating outside the box. Friday after work went to the (behavior advice removed). When I arrived home, I immediately (behavior advice removed).  WITHIN HOURS no more defecating outside the box!!!! AND he covers his urine too, something he never did. Just urinated on top of the litter and walked away. Now I have to scoop down into the litter to find the urine and feces.

I am telling everyone I know and my relatives and friends are amazed because they all knew about Capers and his out of box experiences (sometimes in the middle of the night stepping on it when they got up to use the bathroom, icky). No need to book an appointment with a consultant. Just wanted to extend extreme accolades!  Barbara K.